I have developed a system of business that mastered the art of duplication, where my family comes uncompromisingly first.  It is my demonstration of putting my family first and using these tools to leverage my time that attracted others like me to my business.  People see me living the dream.  They wanted to share in my coaching methods and in the blessings and benefits that naturally flow from it.  They jump on board based not on my words, but my actions.

My method offers time freedom through the  power of leverage.

You get people being trained, inspired and working.  Don’t get me wrong—you have to put in your time, work hard, and inspire the people to plugin—but once you do so...  the system, the tools and you take the wheel!

A guiding principle in business is to find the best leader with the best tools and duplicate what they have done.  In my case, I have allowed my success to doing the talking. I have become a top income earner and millionaire in less than three years and have sustined that income utilizing the system I have had the insight to create. Most importantly, I have given truth to the trem "time freedom"

The tools I created are simple, yet incredibly powerful.  They are powerful because they connect with the audience ─ I deploy the “art of connection” in every tool I make.  The tools allow you to instantly connect with the world.  People immediately see the genuine, honest mission to help better the lives of others. 

Less is more in the world of network marketing. Allow tools and trainings to leverage your time and grow your business at a faster rate. Again, these tools and trainings are specifically geared to the Isagenix business, but the concepts can easily be applied to any company.



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"Put away your old tattered roadmap; Jen Smith has created a GPS!"
Kathy Smith - Isagenix Millionaire

Jen Smith is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a degree in Exercise Physiology & Health. She has worked as a teacher, coach and personal trainer.  She achieved millionaire status and record breaking success in network marketing with IsAgenix International.
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