How does a stay at home mom of ten years, 100% devoted to her children with no business experience and no career aspirations suddenly become the architect of an explosive business that would take her to millionaire status in less than two years.

Better yet, why is anyone who knows this mom not surprised by her record setting accomplishments?

Jen Smith was poised and ready for greatness all her life. There was always something unique about her. She had a gift. Jen was a dreamer. At an early age, through a strong faith and philosophical guidance from her parents, she mastered the principles of "what you think about you bring about."  By combining this secret oracle with simple core principles she found that she could harvest the power of the mind and channel it so that she could accomplish virtually everything she wished for.

Jen uses a unique and unconventional writing style to take the reader on her life's journey showing them along the way just how she learned and applied these core principles.   Sometimes she'll make you laugh, and sometimes cry, but most importantly she'll have you dreaming.  You will erase the noises of your mind and allow it to soar as it was intended.

You will learn to decode the greatness that already exists in your mind so you can do as Jen did and "Launch Your Rocket!"

Jen Smith is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a degree in Exercise Physiology & Health. She has worked as a teacher, coach and personal trainer.  She achieved millionaire status and record breaking success in network marketing with IsAgenix International.
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