About Us

Allow me to share a bit of who I am. I feel it is important to know and understand the heart and intent of the person you consider placing in your sphere of influence.  I am a graduate from The University of Delaware (1992) with degree in Exercise Physiology & Health where I played field hockey and participated in many sorority and campus activities! 

I am a sports enthusiast and an avid sailor. I love the water am inspired by everything nautical. My true passion right now is raising my three girls Alexa (16) Caitlin (14) and Isabelle (12).  I have had the blessing of an incredible family, and a life of love and support.  I married my childhood sweetheart, Tom Smith, and we reside in the quaint town of Westhampton Beach, NY. I am lector and very involved in my church and community.  I served as a Personal Trainer for NBC for 5 years followed by my career as a middle school teacher in New Canaan CT for another 5 years. I left to peruse my true passion of being a stay home mom for the next 11 years.

My philosophy with Isagenix is to care, coach and connect and to work closely with the people who put their faith in my leadership. I believe it is in the giving that we receive. My success is a mere reflection of the genuine coaching I give to the people I serve.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude every day for the opportunity Isagenix has afforded me, for the people on my team, my family and my friends.
I share this website to live by the principle "To one whom much is given, much is expected." (Luke 12:48).   
It is my mission to use the talents God has given me to give back!

I am humbled by the many incredible people who I have had the blessing of meeting as a result of this business and I illustrate below many of the kind and powerful words they have shared with me about the impact I, and this system, have had on them. . .

Put away your roadmap; Jen Smith has created a GPS for the road to success!"
Kathy Smith - Isagenix Millionaire

"Thanks to Jen's system, not only am I am better more loving person, I am financially free to live and serve as I choose.
I thank God for her in my life every day. "
Christa S.

Jen touches me heart every day. I feel like she reaches through my computer, shakes me by the collar (lovingly of course),
and pushes me out the door to get on with meeting my destiny!
Mike O.

Jen's INSIGHT is unmatched...she is a modern day genius...
She has restored my belief that dreams can be achieved through vision, passion and goals.
Jackie M.

Jen inspires me everyday to be a better person, coach, leader...and now today I am inspiring others.
Yes...it is in the giving that we receive!
Carol D.

My "second half of life" journey took a beautiful turn the day I encountered Jen's positive energy and learned for the first time
"What you think about you bring about."  She opened my eyes to see that the power to determine my destiny was within me. 
Mary M.

Your system has allowed me to leverage my time and effort while strengthening my relationships.
You've opened my eyes to the truth that financial freedom and service are linked. 
Because of you my life is forever blest!
Deb C.

Jen affirmed in me that through humility and serving in kindness "I" am the most powerful tool in my organization. 
This wisdom catapulted my business almost instantly.
Michele C.